Why to Play

BiggieBills$$$™ offers an interactive and exciting patented business strategy game that allows for a dynamic real-time experience for the participants. Unlike other simulation strategy games available in the market place, the dynamic feedback loop and counter offensive in real time are its strength. This game allows for multi-player, multi-location and simultaneous decision-making.

  • Dynamic real-time experience
  • Customized debriefing sessions to suit client needs
  • Cutting-edge view of strategic management (game theory, first mover advantage, competitive dynamics, competitive advantage, business level strategies, low cost leadership and differentiation strategies, industry assessment, corporate level strategies, strategic alliances, globalization and diversification).


  • Corporate Training: The game is suitable for executive training and strategic retreats for businesses. The game can be used for executives at all levels of a business including senior management. The game is designed to be customized to suit a specific industry, if required. The debrief process by the game facilitator enhances learning through either the standard game or customized game. Either way, the participants of the game are introduced to the basic concepts of strategic management, strategic thinking, strategy formulation and strategy execution.

  • Graduate & Executive Education: BiggieBills$$$™ can deliver fundamental concepts related to topics such as strategic management, global strategy, corporate entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, innovation management, new product development etc.